National Vote at Home Institute (NHVI)

NHVI is dedicated to ensuring the security of our elections, putting voters’ needs first and making voting as seamless and accessible as possible. Their goal is to expand the use of convenient vote at home options (commonly known as absentee balloting) and other immediate reforms to tangibly expand the electorate and get more people to the polls. The Vote at Home (VAH) systems that have been implemented so far have been promising: the three all VAH states in 2018 had a 14% higher turnout than the national average. See for more information on impact. The 2020 Focus states are: Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Nebraska. Plans for 2020 Cycle: NVHI is focused on pursuing policy changes in a few key states where there are immediate opportunities to implement VAH reforms. They are focused on increasing the use of VAH through strategic voter education and outreach efforts most immediately in states where changes can be made in time to impact the 2020 elections.