Who We Support

Predator Defense Billboard

Predator Defense billboard in Livingston, Montana.

Over the years, the Furthur Foundation has focused on a few simple themes. We care about the planet we live on, so we give to organizations that try to preserve the Earth’s ecosystems. That’s why we support groups saving wolves, forests and dolphins, and groups growing gardens, fighting toxic waste, and greening schools.

We care about the people and communities falling through our country’s social safety net. That’s why we fund organizations giving away food, helping people find jobs, and helping develop the skills that support people and families.

We care about the Bay Area, because, well, this is pretty much our home. And we like people and organizations that try things out, set an example for other organizations, and blaze a trail for a better society.


Slide Ranch connects the Bay Area to sustainable farming, healthy eating and environmental stewardship on 134 acres of verdant coast lands in West Marin.

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