2019 Furthur Foundation Grantees

Climate and Direct Action

Rising Tide

Young climate activists chain selves to Washington pier amid pipeline delivery

The action described in the article linked above, which is fossil fuel infrastructure-focused, includes this text: “The action by Portland Rising Tide, the local affiliate of the North American direct action group, was the culmination of an international effort to track shipments of the pipe from India through the US into Canada. Greenpeace provided technical assistance, while support from the north came from Mosquito Fleet, an oil and gas direct action group, and First Nations peoples who oppose the pipeline.”

They write: It is apparent that those in power offer little more than lip service when it comes to fighting climate change. It is up to us to take matters into our own hands. Direct action is empowering because it allows us to sidestep the passive process of waiting for change from those in power, and instead create it ourselves. When the government won’t stop a power plant from being built, we put our bodies in front of the bulldozers to shut down construction. When we want healthy, sustainable food for our community, we plant gardens in our backyards and abandoned lots.

There is a long and vibrant history of direct action in the US. From the labor strikes of the early 1900s to lunch counter sit-ins of the civil rights movement to the thousands arrested resisting nuclear power in the 70s and 80s, we come from a long lineage of people who knew how to reclaim power.


Pegasus Project

Their mission is “No Child Left Ashore!” Operating now for more than a quarter century, the Pegasus Project is a youth and adult marine environmental education program with a strong community and volunteer foundation. A grant for this learning program will provide access for school students to the SF Bay marine environment aboard Pegasus, the vessel operated by the Pegasus Project. This project provides equal access to the bay via direct, on-the-water experiences. The program entails training teachers, delivering curriculum materials, classroom preparation, and post-voyage class work for students. The majority (85% plus) of our kids are below the poverty line and are people of color. We also donate voyages to other community non profits and partners for their fundraising as well as voyages for their clients.

Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center

“Our organization started in 1988, to oppose a large ski-condominium development approved for the area around Panther Meadows high on Mt. Shasta, held sacred to local native tribes. Ten years later, those plans were withdrawn. The “Bioregional” movement, defining regional physical and environmental characteristics, inspired us. It opposes a homogeneous economy and consumer culture, and emphasizes local populations, knowledge and solutions.”

Rainforest Connection

“Rainforest Connection seeks to solve the problem of illegal logging and poaching in rainforests by providing near-immediate alerts and forensic evidence through a sustainable and cost-effective acoustic monitoring system, allowing for the protection of large expanses of threatened land. We are a nonprofit at the forefront of conservation technology, utilizing adapted used smartphones as listening devices placed as high as possible in the canopy of the rainforest, streaming the acoustic data to the cloud, and running AI/ML models to detect for sounds of illegal activities, such as chainsaws and vehicles. Once the invasion is identified, we send real-time alerts to our partners on the ground to stop the illegal logging or poaching.”

Amazon Frontlines

“Amazon Frontlines builds power with indigenous communities to protect their lands and way of life in the Amazon Rainforest, and in doing so, protect our global climate. By combining cutting-edge technology with bottom-up organizing, we help indigenous nations GET CONTROL OF THEIR LANDS — securing land titles for millions of acres of forest and halting illegal activities through real-time forest monitoring. Then we help indigenous nations KEEP CONTROL OF THEIR LANDS by ensuring they can exercise their collective rights to decide the future of their territories. We do this by upending bad laws and closing legal loopholes, pushing for good laws through legal precedent and hard-hitting advocacy, and training indigenous activists and lawyers to lead it all. All this while working with indigenous youth to build strategic alliances and incubate next-generation initiatives, such as solar energy and regenerative economies, that challenge the existing paradigm of extraction at all costs and create a future where indigenous peoples can THRIVE ON THEIR LANDS. ”

Kootenai Environmental Alliance

“KEA fulfills its mission to conserve, protect and restore the local environment by engaging, educating and empowering our local community members in active resource stewardship activities. KEA has long been an advocate for and defender of North Idaho’s natural resources with specific focus on Community Sustainability & Land Use, Climate Change, Water, Wildlife and Forestry issues. The Nature of Art Summer camp for kids is a three week long outdoor summer camp that teaches low income kids about plants, animals, water, air, conservation, environmental protection and stewardship. Our camp also incorporates art into our teachings, immersing the kids in activities such as painting, clay modeling, paper mache and other mediums, making the learning process fun and creative while driving home concepts such as environmental stewardship, sustainability and activism!”

Made Safe (DBA Nontoxic Certified, Inc.)

“Launched in March 2016, MADE SAFE’s mission is to change how products are made for a healthy and sustainable future. As America’s only nontoxic certification program for a wide array of everyday household products, we give companies a rigorous standard to make products without known (or suspected) harmful ingredients. Our goal is to create a market-based solution that eliminates toxic chemicals from use. We apply our research and ingredient findings to consumer advocacy and education work. We provide usable, empowering information for consumers on ways to protect their health by avoiding harmful ingredients such as Pesticides, Flame Retardants, Carcinogens, Endocrine Active ingredients VOCs and more. Only products that contain ingredients that are safe for humans and the environment receive the MADE SAFE seal; MADE SAFE works with other companies behind the scenes to foster safer and more sustainable ingredient practices.”

The Snow Leopard Conservancy

The Snow Leopard Conservancy advances community-based stewardship of snow leopards by working with local partners and herder communities, which they call the “front line in preserving the biodiversity of Central Asia’s high mountains.”

“We provide needed technical and financial assistance for community-based activities linked to stewardship and biodiversity conservation.”

The goal is to build “community ownership” of ecosystem health by involving the communities in research on snow leopards, their prey and habitat, blending western science with indigenous knowledge.

Youth Development

Prescott Circus Theatre

“Started in 1984, Prescott Circus Theatre challenges Oakland youth from under-served communities, through circus and theater arts training, to live our core principles of hard work, teamwork, perseverance, and belief in oneself. In partnership with Oakland public schools, professional artists, and community organizations, we provide free afterschool, weekend, and summer programs for as many as 200 students each year. PCT’s teaching artists work with participants to build skills like juggling, acrobatics, stilt walking, clowning, and theater production. Youth go on to demonstrate these skills at over 50 Bay Area community events, delighting over 10,000 children and adults annually. Beyond the red nose, our youth develop self awareness, compassion, collaboration, creativity, and stronger connections in their communities. Every day we deliver against our mission to promote the skills and confidence our youth need to thrive on stage and in life.”

Children’s Book Project

Our mission is to create a more socially just world by providing 10,000+ free books to under-resourced children each month in the San Francisco Bay Area. On average, 65% of economically disadvantaged elementary students do not meet state standards for grade-level literacy proficiency. Working in close partnership with public school teachers and community-based service agencies, the Children’s Book Project quickly and efficiently delivers books to children who have the greatest needs. Since our founding in 1992, we have distributed approximately 2.9 million books through our Book Bank and community outreach, with more than half of those going to Title 1 schools—where at least 40% of students are low-income.”

Point Reyes Children’s Choir (Young Musicians of West Marin)

Point Reyes Children’s Choir is one of the two branches of Young Musicians of West Marin, created in August 2018 when Sound Orchard discontinued financial support. It is a community after-school choir for local children, grades 1-5. We rehearse for 90 minutes on Thursdays at the Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station. We perform regularly in the community, and participated in a children’s choral festival in Oakland last May. Children learn music reading and writing, vocal technique, two-part harmony, beginning sight singing and ear training, along with a varied repertoire of musical styles.

Gualala Arts

Local Mendocino and Sonoma County artists founded Gualala Arts in 1961. In 1966, the Center gained 501C(3) status and took as its mission “Promoting public Interest and participation in the Arts.” In 1998 the doors were opened to a 15,000 square foot visual and performing arts center. Today, Gualala is a vibrant arts community, providing a sacred space for the arts to flourish in a 10 plus acre redwood forest.

In 2010, the Center inaugurated the Global Harmony Series, whose mission is summed up as “Encouraging Global Harmony by Sharing Cultures through the Arts.” The series has included the Global Harmony Summer Adventure Camp (for grades 1-12), Solstice events, Sakha Cultural Festival with the Sonoma County Parks, Annual Native Arts Expo with local Pomo (the Kashia and Manchester bands), the Kronos Quartet, Terry Riley, Tibetan Monks, Dia de Los Muertos, and youth choirs from around the world.

Camp Phoenix

“Founded in 2012, at Camp Phoenix we empower youth from low-income communities through academics, outdoor discovery, and personal growth to become leaders in their communities. Our 3-week, overnight summer immersion program blends the fun of sleep-away camp with the rigor of exploratory learning to propel middle-school students into the next school year and beyond.”

The Electric Smoothie Lab Apothecary (TESLA)

“The Electric Smoothie Lab Apothecary provides living foods in the form of locally harvested fruits and greens in order to do smoothies and fresh, healing juices and mineral drinks for folks, especially elders and children, living in Oakland’s Food Deserts. We do pop-up workshops and education often on street corners, at elementary schools, in jails and high schools, anywhere the people most impacted by war economy and marginalizing systems are located.”

Concert Career Pathways

The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways Program is a six-month program that is a combination of workshops and paid internships where students learn best practices in production management, event coordination, being stagehands and floor staff, live sound engineering, lighting design, event budgeting, and box office operations.

CEO David Mayeri used to be with BGP, and the entire theater and all programs and activities are part of a non-profit operation called the Taube Family foundation.

ARTS (and Social Justice, Underprivileged)

Kiandanda Dance Theater

The 350 + millions of moving targets is a multimedia dance theater event that addresses the ongoing refugee crisis of Black and Brown bodies in the Mediterranean and South America.

It is the latest iteration of a creative process begun in 2017. The intergenerational cast is comprised of dancers and non-dancers, including those who have had direct experience with forced migration. Excerpts have been performed at the Fresh Festival at Joe Goode Annex in January 2019, and the Black Choreographers Festival in February 2019. An solo iteration was presented along with NAKA Dance Theater at the Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland in 2017. The work merges ethnic dances of the Congo from the Ntsangui and Kongo groups with western theatrical devices to create a performance that seeks to activate audiences towards political engagement with the migrant crisis.


“ARTogether is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Oakland, California that works to support refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing art programs that promote healing and community-building for refugees and immigrants, while supporting local refugee artists. Through creative arts, art therapy and social gatherings, we work to help refugees develop the capacity to heal from trauma, and to develop the enduring skills and confidence they need to navigate the hardships of starting over in a new home.”


Kitka is a vocal ensemble that has taken traditional vocal styles from Eastern Europe and created a Bay Area performing history that is now the launch pad for composers from the area who are finding and bringing alive traditional songs and styles that would otherwise likely disappear. “Traveling to rural communities in Armenia and Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia, Serbia and Turkey, they’ve gathered songs and communed with elders who are often the last links to centuries-old traditions.”

Friends of the Coltrane Home

Led by John and Alice Coltrane’s son Ravi Coltrane and Ron Stein, Friends is dedicated to restoring the Long Island home of John and Alice Coltrane. The couple lived there for the last years of the saxophonist’s life. The home is where he composed A Love Supreme.

Alice moved to San Francisco in the 1970s. The house passed through two owners with very few alterations. In 2005, local jazz aficionados organized and aided in the purchase of the home by the town of Dix Hills. It was put on the 2011 list of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s catalog of America’s Most Endangered Historic Places.

Get Out the Vote

You Can Vote

“You Can Vote (YCV) works to ensure all eligible North Carolinians can vote. We register, educate, and mobilize voters through 1:1 conversations. Using community organizing, evidence-based best practices in voter engagement, low-literacy bilingual educational materials, and state of the art technology, we prepare people to vote and help them become lifelong voters.”

PushBlack (part of Accelerate Change)

PushBlack is “the largest nonprofit media platform for Black-Americans that’s building millions of trusted relationships critical for turnout and victory in 2020.” In 2018, they ran the biggest social media Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign for Black-Americans in recent history. Focus States: FL, MI, PA, WI, VA, NC, NV, MN. Plans for 2020 Cycle: If adequately funded, PushBlack and Accelerate Change partners are projecting to generate 500,000 votes in their top 10 target states (280K from the c3/c4 nonpartisan and 220K from the c4 partisan program). What they did in 2018: 534K+ PushBlack subscribers shared 19.4 million personalized GOTV messages with their friends and family, generating an estimated 276k votes.

Rural Arizona Engagement

Rural Arizona Engagement’s mission is to educate, advocate and coordinate in rural communities so they may gain access to civic education, engagement opportunities and voter registration, independent of metro area influences. Rural Arizona Engagement is an influential power in advancing Progressive values and policies for the betterment of all its communities.

“Our vision is to build an active, sustainable and progressive voting bloc in rural Arizona that cultivates pragmatic leadership committed to advancing progressive values and policies for the well-being of its communities and residents.”

National Vote at Home Institute (NHVI)

NHVI is dedicated to ensuring the security of our elections, putting voters’ needs first and making voting as seamless and accessible as possible. Their goal is to expand the use of convenient vote at home options (commonly known as absentee balloting) and other immediate reforms to tangibly expand the electorate and get more people to the polls. The Vote at Home (VAH) systems that have been implemented so far have been promising: the three all VAH states in 2018 had a 14% higher turnout than the national average. See www.voteathome.org for more information on impact. The 2020 Focus states are: Michigan, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Nebraska.

Plans for 2020 Cycle: NVHI is focused on pursuing policy changes in a few key states where there are immediate opportunities to implement VAH reforms. They are focused on increasing the use of VAH through strategic voter education and outreach efforts most immediately in states
where changes can be made in time to impact the 2020 elections.


City Slicker Farms

“City Slicker Farms (CSF) transforms underused city lots in Oakland that would otherwise become magnets for illegal dumping and contribute to contaminated runoff. Our programs use organic gardening methods and educate community members on how to avoid use of toxic pesticides and herbicides that pollute our waterways and groundwater. We also aid them with incorporating ecologically sound cultivation methods, facilitating pollinators, creating balanced ecosystems of pests and predators, and using naturally occurring fertilizers. Our methods reduce runoff by using drip irrigation and mulch to transform compacted soils into gardens that absorb and conserve water. Since inception, CSF has trained over 4,000 youth and adults in agro-ecology, built over 375 gardens at the homes of low-income residents and institutions serving them, and produced 282,000 pounds of food.”

Friends of Furthur

Color Outside the Lines

Color Outside the Lines empowers and inspires foster children and at-risk youth by providing opportunities for self-expression and creativity. They believe in “the power of creativity to transform lives, heal emotional trauma, and to promote wellbeing and happiness through art and music.”

The Kesey Farm Project

The goal of the Kesey Farm Project is to preserve and restore historic Kesey Farm. The mission is to “re-establish the Farm as a creative center while simultaneously incorporating the existing wealth of cultural ephemera (writing, costumes, set pieces, art, etc.)back into the space and weave it into future programming.

Camp Winnarainbow

Camp Winnarainbow’s philosophy helps prepare campers to reach for the stars!

Donations go toward helping an economically disadvantaged child come to camp by contributing to the Grace & Joy Scholarship Fund.

Circle of Hearts Foundation

The Circle of Hearts Foundation provides financial support and compassionate care for individuals suffering from life threatening or incapacitating illness that have limited resources and diminished ability to care for themselves.

Central Oregon Locavore

Central Oregon Locavore promotes local food and farmers for the health of our community. We work for an ecologically stable and socially just food system in Central Oregon by improving access to fresh, nutrient-dense local food, educating the community about the benefits of sustainably produced food and supporting farmers and ranchers.